Coming In 2018...

We anticipate a limited selection of the following new items:

  • Mookaite slabs from Australia
  • Binghamite slabs from Minnesota
  • Great selection of petrified wood bookends
  • A nice selection of Montana sapphires, jewelry and faceted

Cooke City Rocks is interested in purchasing select specimens for future processing

We are also interested in:

  • Larger lapidary equipment
  • Lapidary estate sales
  • Fossils
  • Bear claws*

*The rules regarding buying and selling of bear claws vary by state. Some states prohibit buying, selling, both or neither. Montana state laws allows buying and selling of black bear claws, skins, and teeth from animals legally harvested. It is illegal to sell grizzly bear parts.

Can you ID these rocks?

Can you ID these rocks?

These photos are of rocks that I cannot ID.
Much of my product comes from estate sales and often I have no idea when or from where the specimen was collected.
Take a look at these photos and give me your best guess.

Coming in 2018

We anticipate a limited selection of new items...

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