How to spot a fake fossil

With the increasing rarity and desirability of fossils, it is only to be expected that fake fossils find their way on the market. In many cases the degree of counterfeiting is so good even the experts are fooled. This is unfortunate. We have discontinued several popular items simply because we are unable to verify their authenticity.

Two countries known for fossil fakery are Morocco and China. It is illegal to export fossils from China, so nearly everything you see on the market from China is a replica or fake. It should be noted that in general one nation does not necessarily enforce the export regulations of another. So, once a legitimate fossil escapes the nation of origin, it is not necessarily illegal to buy or sell the item. Many nations have rules against exporting fossils. In general, the better a fossil looks, the higher the likelihood of it being fake- if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Any fossils purchased from Cooke City Rocks is guaranteed to be authentic.


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