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We have been rock collectors for many years. Our interest began years ago when our oldest son was on a Boy Scout trip and he happened upon an interesting stone in a creek bed. We were surprised that such beautiful rocks and minerals existed and that was the beginning of our hobby! We joined a local rock club, began our collection, acquired some lapidary equipment and found ourselves accumulating more rock than any mortal needed. Twelve years ago we set up a couple of tables in Cooke City, Montana, a long-time favorite family vacation destination, in an attempt to thin our ever-growing collection.  This summer will be our twelfth consecutive year in Cooke.  Many thanks to Bob Smith, who graciously allows us the use of his building during the summer months.

Cooke City Rocks & Gems is located in Cooke City, Montana, four miles east of the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We are generally open each day from early June through Labor Day, weather permitting. We are located across from the Sinclair station and just east of the Bistro restaurant

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