1/4 Oz. Gold Yellowstone Commemorative
Ocean Jasper - Madagascar
Geode - Brazil
Petrified Palm Wood
Fossil pine cones - Patagonia
Tumbled Wood
Septarian Nodule - Utah
Blue Forest Petrified Wood
Pyrite in Matrix
1/2 lb. Silver Eagle
Petrified Wood- Wyoming
Geode - Brazil
Covellite from Colorado
Bruneau Jasper
Fossil fairy shrimp nest - S. Dakota
Dryhead Agate - Montana
Petrified Wood - Wyoming
Petrified Wood - Wyoming
Morgan Silver Dollars
Fulgutite (lightning strike)
Coprolite - Utah
Turitella and Ammonite
Petrified Oak - Stinking Water Creek
Petrified wood - Hubbard Basin
Petrified wood - Tom Miner Basin
Dryhead agate
Silver Eagle - 8oz Commemorative
Can you ID these rocks?

Can you ID these rocks?

These photos are of rocks that I cannot ID.
Much of my product comes from estate sales and often I have no idea when or from where the specimen was collected.
Take a look at these photos and give me your best guess.

Coming in 2018

We anticipate a limited selection of new items...

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